Ending Violence

Soroptimists STOP Trafficking

Human Trafficking Awareness and Action Card

Soroptimist in partnership with the Woman's Club of Raleigh has produced an awareness and action card. If you would like to obtain cards for distribution to your organization or locale, contact endingviolence@siraleigh.org, or call (919) 833-2490.

STOP Human Trafficking: 2009 Community Forum Series

In support of our mission to end violence against women and girls, Soroptomist hosted a community forum series to stop human trafficking. Topics discussed were:

North Carolina has many of the characteristics that attract and promote an environment for human trafficking: tourism, agriculture, military presence, and interstate highways. While major steps towards preventing human trafficking have been taken, it is imperative that all of us commit to work together to limit, and ultimately, end this plague on our society. As active participants in the life of our community, your awareness and support are important to these efforts. Together we can establish a sustainable anti-trafficking movement within our state.

Learn more about how Soroptimists STOP trafficking.

To stay informed with our efforts and upcoming events, join our mailing list: endingviolence@siraleigh.org.

Violence Victims' Resource Available

Peace@Work recently released Victims of Violence Employment Rights and Resources a brochure for use by organizations that deal with victims in shelters or other support settings. Download the brochure here, or visit www.peaceatwork.org.

Ending Teen Dating Violence

Soroptimist Raleigh has produced a Teen Dating Bookmark outlining the things that characterize an abusive relationship. These are distributed and used as teaching tools in the schools by InterAct of Wake County.